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iStock_000009046663MediumAre all of your employees taking time off from work to deal with their hail loss? Our Corporate Hail Program was created for large companies with a large number of employees. After a hail storm hits a large company, the first thing a business will notice is a loss in productivity and concentration from their employees. Every employee must contact their insurance company, bring their vehicle into a body shop for an estimate, have the estimate approved by their insurance company, schedule time out of their schedule to have the repairs completed, drop the vehicle off at the body shop, obtain a rental vehicle, pick up their own vehicle when the repairs are completed, return the rental and pay for their deductible which is usually $500-$1000. As you can see, this seems like a never-ending process and all of your employees must go through all of these steps in order to get their vehicle repaired. Companies cannot calculate the loss in production when every employee is affected by a hail catastrophe. Dent Impressions’ Corporate Hail Program will ease the painful task of your employees’ repairs.

Business meeting - Young man presenting his ideas to colleaguesOur Corporate Hail Program provides you, the employer, with piece of mind.We work with your employees’ insurance companies and complete the work for them in a timely and economical manner, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on what is important for you… their work. Through this program, we offer a 10% discount on the total repair to all of your employees. In many cases, this number is greater than their deductible. We also offer free loaner cars while we are completing the work. In addition, they receive the added benefit of our limited lifetime warranty on their repairs. If employee productivity is of concern to you and your bottom line, our Corporate Hail Program may be right for your company.