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national_hail_teamDue to the number of hail claims in the area, insurance companies usually instruct repair facilities NOT to write hail repair estimates at this time. You insurance company is likely to have “Catastrophic Teams” throughout the area to inspect storm damage on your vehicle and write the estimate for you. Following the below procedures will ensure a timely claim settlement process.
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  1. 1. Contact your insurance agent to le a comprehensive claim due to storm damage. Filing a comprehensive claim will NOT raise you insurance premiums, because you have no control of the weather. Your agent will instruct where to bring your vehicle to receive the estimate from your insurance company.
  2. 2. Arrive at the location during your scheduled time to have the “Catastrophic Team” write you an estimate of damage on your vehicle.
  3. 3. Once you receive a copy of your estimate of damage, call us at (877) 424-5832 or stop by our location to schedule your repairs.