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Mobile Hail Repair

We understand you might be exhausted of running around to get your vehicle repaired. You don’t have to drive around anymore with Dent Impressions’ Mobile Hail Repair Services. Dent Impressions makes it easier to restore your vehicle to pre-storm condition simply by calling us to schedule our total care mobile service. With one phone call, our team will move into action to alleviate the necessary steps you need to take to repair your vehicle.


Below are the steps of the Mobile Hail Repair Service:

  1. 1. Call us at (877) 424-5832 to schedule your hail damage repair. We’ll have a customer service representative come to you to pick up your vehicle and leave you with a loaner vehicle if you need one.
  2. 2. We will review the estimate your insurance company wrote and contact them directly if they have missed any damage. Occasionally, hail repairs will require traditional auto body repairs or glass replacement. We will arrange such repairs with one of our auto body partners if your vehicle requires it.
  3. 3. Once your vehicle has been fully repaired. Our customer service representative will return your vehicle to you. We will leave with the loaner car if you have one and leave you with a written lifetime warranty.

As you can see, our mobile hail repair service is as easy as calling us after you have visited with your insurance company if it was required. You will benefit from the convenience of the program and receive the highest quality repair in the industry. Dent Impressions is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated company and offers a written lifetime warranty on all repairs. Total satisfaction is right around the corner, so call us today for our mobile service.