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Hypothetical Scenario

You have been running a route around home for 8 years and have a comfortable steady flow of business. You might even have 3-4 other technicians working locally under your company name. Everything seems great and your accounts have been good to you for years. Your company is servicing 10 dealerships and 14 body shops. You wake up one morning and go on Facebook and read everyone on Dent World complaining about percentages, brokers, insurance companies and the number of dent guys in our industry. Then you read a post that states it is going to hail in your town. You go to Storm Prediction Center and see your city is hatched with a 30% chance of hail. Your blood gets pumping and you start telling your guys to do their naked hail dance. At 4 PM, the dance pays off and you get the storm of the lifetime. Six of your dealerships get hit and 10 of your body shops are going to be rocking. Are you ready for the reality check?

Reality Check

There are very few companies that can handle this amount of increase in business. No one can handle this without a plan. Every hail chaser has probably had their eye on your city 3-5 days before it happened. By the next morning, your town will have $60,000 trucking driving around trying to steal every account they can. Dent Wizard, Dent Concepts and Hi-Tech will be calling their insurance contacts to put pressure on your body shop owners to use these selected companies that they have back door deals with. As you drive to your accounts, you notice that these companies already have technicians in your accounts. The owner will say State Farm is making me use Dent Wizard and USAA wants us to use Hi-Tech. You soon will figure out that three PDR companies are now working in your best body shop, but you get to fix all Progressive vehicles until Qwikway calls their insurance contacts. Then you realize you don’t even have time to stop at the dealerships you service. You decide to let other hail chasers have those accounts because the manager has seen 17 companies by noon. As you see, you are losing this battle. Most managers and owners panic and hire other companies after wondering if the small guy can service them. Every time you turn around, you are losing potential income because you didn’t have a contingency plan.


Contingency Plan

Dent Impressions has created hailpartners.com to offer our services to other PDR companies. Our thought is simple; we have experienced these same issues and feel we can help out the little guys out there. After testing many partnerships, we have noticed that all involved in past storms have benefited from our agreements. You are more likely to retain your accounts by having a professional looking partner. Having one team will help maintain consistency throughout all accounts which is usually overlooked by most companies. Because these accounts belong to your company, we are there just to service them and will have the same agreement during the next hail storm. Our action plan can provide you a technician for 3 weeks if that is all you need. Should you need 30 technicians, you will make money off of each one. Because every company has a unique type and number of accounts, we will structure a contingency plan that fits all of our needs. Please take a chance to view our website at www.dentimpressions.com and fill out our feedback form located under the “Feedback??? link on this site. We appreciate your time and would like to add your company to our program. We all need to fight against the big companies or someday we have to join them.

Act NOW!

Planning is everything to maximizing the profit of a hail a storm. Call us today so we can start forming an action plan that fits your business before it hails. After it hails, we will be ahead of the game and it should help keep the competition out of your accounts. The best feeling you will have is ensuring your accounts were serviced. Collecting a commission from an account that you didn’t have to stop at during the storm is icing on the cake.