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Live Hail Map

Dent Impressions has teamed up with to provide smart alert services and hail maps to the PDR industry. Smart Alerts is the best emailing hail reporting service on the market. Subscribers will receive emails of hail reports which will include a link to view low detailed maps of the storm paths. The service is very reasonably priced at $49.95/month. Fill out the form below and receive a no risk, 30 day free trial of the Smart Alerts. We will contact you just before your trial period ends to see if you would want to continue the service.

For the professional hail chaser, the Live Hail Map can be purchased and viewed using Google Earth or Bing Maps. This will give you the detail to street level where the hail fell. While the competition is figuring out where the hail fell, you will be landing body shops and dealerships. For a limited time, Dent Impressions is offering a free live hail map simply by signing up on our site. Fill out the form below and the next time you are interested in an area that might have damage, call us and we will email you the free map. After your free map, Dent Impressions will contact you when your service area gets hit with hail. This innovative technology has been tested and we are confidant you will be amazed by the ROI of both services.

Very good-Smart Alerts Sample

Best - Bing Live Hail Map Sample

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