Paintless Dent Removal

Hail Catastrophe Management

Insurance Claim Assistance

Our thought is simple; we help our dealerships get the money they are entitled in order to fix their cars properly. With Dent Impressions, you will have a licensed private insurance adjuster working with your insurance company on your behalf. We do not tell your insurance company how to do their job, we are there to help them do their job and to oversee the claim on your behalf. We make sure every dent is counted and every dollar you have coming is paid to you.

Hail Repair on Dealership Vehicles

We understand the importance of pricing when fixing the vehicles on a dealership lot. However, our experience in the hail business has proven time and time again that the lowest bid usually creates collateral damage. At Dent Impressions, our bid on a dealership's lot will start with competitive pricing. We are in the dent "removal" business, not the dent "improval" business. You can be assured that it will be done right the first time. We provide our dealers with lifetime written warranties. Dent Impressions will follow Manufacture Service Repair Bulletins on PDR, so the manufacture warranty will still be valid. We are confident that Dent Impressions will have a lifetime partnership once a dealership experiences our service and professionalism, adds up the profits from retail work, and recognizes the growth in their customer base for future sales.

Retail Hail Repair

One of the most overlooked potential revenue streams for a dealership in the PDR business is retail hail repair. Dent Impressions' National Hail Team has the ability to handle all aspects of retail hail repair. We can set up in the body shop if the dealership operates a body shop. We have also operated through the service department, as applicable. If the dealership doesn't have room to house us internally, we can bring our mobile body shop. This consists of a tent and trailer which we use as an office. We will provide the marketing tools necessary to increase the amount of traffic for hail repairs.

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