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Pricing hail damage on a vehicle doesnt sound like rocket science. Pricing is directly related to the size of the dents, the number of dents, the type of vehicle needing repairs and the pricing guidelines of the insurance company that is compensating the owner for the repair. Our experience has shown that quality is directly related to pricing. As pricing goes down, so does the quality. Buyer beware, large PDR companies are making backdoor deals with insurance companies to get them into a shop that they do not service. In order to maintain a quality repair, these companies are offering body shops less of a discount and claiming that they brought all the business to the shop. Dealerships will lose money when they hire a dent company to help estimate lot vehicles after a hail storm but are only paying them a flat rate to fix the vehicles. The point here is simple, why would this company work harder for you if they are receiving a flat fee to repair the vehicles? When dealerships and body shops make these agreements, they fail to realize that they are missing out on larger profits.

The chart to the right shows the difference between Dent Impressions estimating and two other PDR companies for the same hail repair. Company A estimated this repair at $875.00 while another company estimated the repair at $1500.00. While all of the companies use the same pricing guides, our experience is proven by settling $3580.01 from the insurance company with our thorough estimate. From this experiment, we can conclude that estimating is directly related to profits.

                  Shops Profit
The chart to the left shows what the profit would be for the shop depending on what company repaired the vehicle. Using the basic discount of 30% on PDR and average profit margins for in house labor, company A would have profited the shop $292.50 compared to Company Bs profit of $450.00. Dent Impressions thoroughness and experience netted $1258.38 for the shop on this job. The same vehicle estimated by different companies will equal different results.

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