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Unlike our competition, we feel that setting up retail locations for PDR would be competing with our loyal partners. We believe that this directly competes with the body shops that they service. We direct our customers to the body shops that we service and promote them as our "retail location". We are currently employing innovative techniques to drive more customers to our body shop partners to maximize profits for us all. Using Dent Impressions, Inc. will enable your shop the additional outside sales support to increase your customer base.
Lobby Commercials
Dent Impressions, Inc.'s solution to help estimators sell more dent repairs is our innovative lobby commercial. This video shows how all types of dents happen to a vehicle. This video is customized with your business name. The purpose of this video is to keep PDR on the minds of the customers at the locations we service. More importantly, managers and owners will have a tool in the lobby that is selling at all times. The best part about our lobby commercial is that it is included with our service at no additional cost.
Our Web Site
Dent Impressions, Inc.'s state of the art web site is just the beginning of connecting our customers to our partners. We promote our web site in yellow page ads, newspaper ads, television commercials, search engine optimization, and as sponsored links on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our Repair Facility Locator shows our customers and visitors on our site where to bring their vehicle to receive Dent Impressions, Inc.'s repairs. After our customer enters their zip code, a page will list the Dent Impressions, Inc.'s partners' locations closest to their search criteria. These listings feature your shop's name, address, phone number, a map of your location, and a link to your website..
Television Commercials
Dent Impressions, Inc.'s newest form of marketing is television advertisements. During the summer months we place strategically timed commercials on local networks to help drive business to your business. All of our commercials direct our customers to our web site which includes a Repair Facility Locator for customers to find the shops that we service and direct customers to your shop.
Search Engine Optimization
Free Dent Removal

Books have been written on Search Engine Optimization and we are sure you have received calls from companies offering to get you listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Most of these companies charge a monthly fee to list your website with the search engines. As a Dent Impressions, Inc. partner, we have an interest in the customers finding your business on the web. We will make sure you are listed on search engines, without charging you a fee. We will also add you to the Repair Facility Locator on our website. Adding a Dent Impressions, Inc. link on your website will help both of our companies show up higher on the list of searches. Lastly, we will add you to multiple websites that advertise body shops in local areas.
Free Dent Removal

We have developed a marketing campaign to further brand our name. We are handing out thousands of free dent removal cards to insurance agents and companies to help inform them about the shops that we service. With this card, a customer can find the nearest Dent Impressions, Inc. partner from our website. We will fix a quarter size dent for free and collect the customers contact information so we can directly market to them year round. This free dent gives Dent Impressions, Inc. and the shop an opportunity to make them lifelong customers.

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