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Dent Impressions, Inc. was founded in 1998 by two former college roommates Brian Chenvert and Kyle Ambrasas. Brian was working in the PDR industry when he realized the potential in unlimited growth for a well organized dent company. Brian reached out to Kyle, who was working as an accountant, to share his vision. The two then set out a business plan to grow the company into the best PDR business in the nation.

The basic plan of providing unprecedented service, excellent quality and an honest partnership with shops and technicians has grown the company to what it is today. We would like to recognize the following people that, with their hard work, have helped us with our journey. We look forward to accomplishing our visions with these team members and future partners. Please feel free to contact Dent Impressions for information on joining our team.

Brian Chenvert
Chief Executive Officer and President
Chenvert co-founded Dent Impressions, Inc. in 1998. He received a BS degree in aviation management from St. Cloud State University in 1998. Chenvert has prior experience in management in the restaurant and construction industries. He has had past success in start-up companies. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Chenvert loves the challenge in starting and developing a new company. He is probably the person that will never retire because he comes up with so many ideas that he would love to try. Chenvert also holds an Independent Adjuster License in the state of Minnesota. When he is not working on a vehicle, Chenvert spends late nights figuring out how to market Dent Impressions and the accounts that they service.
*Jason Lane
Lane is the classic story on moving up the corporate ladder from the bottom up. He joined Dent Impressions as a technician in 2004. After learning PDR, he kept challenging the team to challenge him. Given tasks, Lane would get them done exhibiting his great empowerment skills. Lane’s prior experience as a shipping manager has a lot to do with his “get r done” attitude. Today he is still the go to guy when something needs to get completed. Lane also holds a Public Adjuster License in the state of Minnesota. If Lane is not working, you could probably find him relaxing at a Vikings or Wild game.

*Jon Markgren

Markgren joined the Dent Impressions team in 2006, after working for another PDR company for eight years. Markgren has brought Dent Impressions new accounts and has helped by bringing new talented technicians to the team. He just loves fixing dents and he never complains even if he has to drive across town to fix one dent. Markgren also has experience running his mortgage business. He also holds a Public Adjuster License in the state of Minnesota. If he isn’t pushing on dents, he is probably at his cabin in Wisconsin.
*Andrew Gerard

Before join the Dent Impressions team in 2007, Gerard worked as a body technician. He is actually one in million, meaning that he is one of the few body technicians that actually accomplished learning PDR. Don’t let his young looks fool you; Gerard can compete with most veterans in the PDR industry. His heart and excitement for what he does for a living is very unique. During the slow times of the year, Gerard is usually traveling to somewhere warm.

*Tim Curtis

In 1990, years before “Paintless Dent Removal” was a well known process to repair dents by dealerships and body shops, Curtis started as a route technician in Arkansas. As a true veteran of the industry, Curtis has seen firsthand how the industry has evolved into what it is today. Curtis joined the Dent Impressions National Hail Team in 2002. Today, he still works on the hail team and is a very influential member to Dent Impressions strategic planning. Make no mistake about it, when winter comes, Curtis is either hunting or fishing.
*Jim Morris

Morris has been performing Paintless Dent Repair since 1994. His experience has sent him around the world including working in the US, Europe and Australia. He has worked in a variety of environments, including automotive body shops, dealerships, insurance companies, auto auctions and retail PDR. In addition to repairing vehicles, Morris is also skilled in PDR estimating and training PDR technicians, both in the US and overseas. The few occasions he is not working, Morris is probably is taking a relaxing ride on his motorcycle.
*Dusty Bennett

Mr. Bennett joined the Dent Impression team in 2004 as an independent hail technician. He got started in PDR in 1997 as a door ding technician. By 2001, Mr. Bennett found the thrill of chasing the storm. So, he began to travel to work major hail storm catastrophes. He has worked in 18 different states and he estimates that he worked on over 28,000 vehicles. If you seen how fast he can move and not waste time, you would know it would be possible. Today, Mr. Bennett helps to grow Dent Impressions National Hail Team. When he is not chasing the storm he is very active outdoors.

* Denotes independent contractors


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